About Us

First Services Administrative and Economic Consultancy Co were formed in the year 1995 to provide Financial and Administrative Consultancy services to the companies within the group and outside. Over the years as the subsidiary companies within the group grew independently supporting its own activities, First Services focused on providing services to related parties and external clientiele.

First Services embarked on repositioning its activities by providing total integrated business solutions across various spectrums such as Finance, Legal, Investment & Portfolio Advise, HR and IT & Administrative support services to its various entities within the group and related parties and external clients. First Services today is positioned as an integrated one stop consultancy provider.

Our Strengths

  • Strong management team
  • Sound consultant track record
  • Multifaced experienced consultancy team
  • Clients to benefit from cost saving and enhanced qualitative service
  • Corporate saving through outsourcing services

Our Objectives

  • Providing Legal and Administrative services
  • Providing Financial Services to entities within the group and external clients
  • Providing HR and Administration service and thus enforce cost efficiency for group entities and external clients
  • Provide IT support services to group entities and external clients


The strategy of First Services is to encourage entities within the group to attain cost efficiency through outsourcing thus optimizing the limited and expensive resources they carry. It will also help entities to focus on core functions for developing its core business activities.