Welcome to First Services

Business Advisory Services at First Services Co (FSC) is designed to help clients deal with their strategic, financial and tactical business needs arising out of a dynamic challenging business environment. Our fee model is unique. Unlike other consultancy firms, we conduct our initial assessment of client needs recommending the best course of action providing the client to arrive at an informed decision, “FREE OF CHARGE.”

FSC offers assistance in the area of Strategic Consulting, Performance Analysis and benchmarking against competitors. Such as Performance review, enhancement, Transaction support on Acquisitions, Mergers, Spin off and customized research support. Our expertise spans across diverse sectors, which include Financial services, Banking, Real Estates and Infrastructure, Media and Telecom, Education, Technology and Info-tech, Petroleum and Chemicals, Retail and Trading, Food and Beverages, Hospitality and Health Clubs and various other Manufacturing industries.

FSC is equipped with experienced consultants and analyst with a track record of over 150 assignments for over 40 clients. Our record of delivering high quality reports, are immaculate. Through strategic business advisory services we enable our clients to manage various business challenges, building market values across their sphere of operation